JINXING METALS have been working on the metal products over 10 years, Mainly focus on the Tungsten, Molybdenum, Tantalum,Titanium, Zirconium,Nickel, Niobium, Iridium and Sputtering Targets. Our products are widely used in aviation, aerospace, electronics, medical , furnace industrial and other semi-conductor field.

industrial use titanium bar grade 1 in stock

  • buy 6al-4v titanium round bar | ams 4965 | tpc

    Buy 6AL-4V Titanium Round Bar | AMS 4965 | TPC

    round bars. Learn about the 6AL-4V titanium round bar and find titanium bars for sale here. Titanium bars are supplied to various industries. We can supply

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  • titanium round bar | tms titanium

    Titanium Round Bar | TMS Titanium

    Titanium round bar is available in most of the almost 40 grades, with the most common being grade 5 and grade 2. The medical field often uses small-diameter round bar for body implantable fasteners 6-4, 6-4 Eli, 6-2-4-2, 6-2-4-6, CP Grades 1,2,3,4 Moving You Forward Access Our Commitment Industry Knowledge

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  • titanium distributor & supplier - titanium bar, sheets, plate & tubing

    Titanium Distributor & Supplier - Titanium Bar, Sheets, Plate & Tubing

    Visit us & see our titanium stocks of titanium sheets, bar, plate & tubing. Our special metal products are routinely supplied for titanium applications in the pulp and paper, chemical processing, and metal finishing industries. We stock a variety of commercially pure grades and titanium alloys in coil, sheet, plate, rod, bar,

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  • titanium grades information - properties and applications for all

    Titanium Grades Information - Properties and Applications for all

    Grade 1. Grade 1 titanium is the first of four commercially pure titanium grades. This makes Grade 2 titanium bar and sheet are the prime choice for many fields of applications: Ti 6AI-4Vs usability makes it the best alloy for use in several industries, like the aerospace, medical, marine and chemical Titanium Bar Stock.

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  • ti 6al-4v titanium bar - grade 5 - ams 4928

    Ti 6al-4v Titanium Bar - Grade 5 - AMS 4928

    Ti-6AL-4V Titanium bar stock is the most widely used titanium grade. MIL-T- 9047; AB-1; PWA LCS; GE S400/S1000; ABS5125A AIMS03-18-001 (Plate); ABS5125B AIMS03-18-006 (Plate); ABS5125C AIMS03-18-007 Industry Applications.

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  • titanium | commercially pure and alloy rod, sheet and plate for sale

    Titanium | Commercially Pure and Alloy Rod, Sheet and Plate For Sale

    We stock 6AL-4V ELI round bar to ASTM F136 for the medical industry. 5) and commercially pure Grade 2 titanium for industrial and aerospace applications.

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  • www.titaniumtubebuy.com: grade 5 titanium round rod, unpolished (mill

    www.titaniumtubebuy.com: Grade 5 Titanium Round Rod, Unpolished (Mill

    Industrial s overall strength, is the peak stress it can 5 star 75% 4 star 25%. 3 star. 0%. 2 star. 0%. 1 star. 0%. Share your thoughts with other customers.

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  • www.titaniumtubebuy.com: grade 23 titanium round rod, unpolished (mill

    www.titaniumtubebuy.com: Grade 23 Titanium Round Rod, Unpolished (Mill

    Industrial & Scientific .. In Stock Only B000H9NBKK, www.titaniumtubebuy.com inches, 72 inches, 1 . Grade 5 Titanium Round Rod, Solid, Unpolished (Mill) Finish, Annealed, It is the same alloy used by Anatometal for their titanium body jewelry per their

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  • round bar - titanium industries inc.

    Round Bar - Titanium Industries Inc.

    Titanium round bar is available in a range of sizes and grades including 6AL4V, 6AL4V Eli, Grade 2 as well as other Ti grades, supporting the Aerospace, Industrial and Medical markets. Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 4 Grade 17. Nickel Alloys.

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  • titanium bar - titanium bar and titanium rod astm b348

    Titanium Bar - Titanium Bar and Titanium Rod ASTM B348

    Widest range of titanium bar and rod products. Ti CP bars Grade 1 to 4 and Titanium Alloys including Industrial (ASTM B348) standards. Stock production is aligned

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  • titanium bar stock – titanium rod, titanium wire, gr 1 – 4

    Titanium Bar Stock – Titanium Rod, Titanium Wire, Gr 1 – 4

    Supra Alloys stocks a wide range of titanium bar, rod, and wire. Titanium Supra Alloys, Inc; TITANIUM GRADES in stock titanium stock include CP Grade 1

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  • titanium bar stock in business and industrial supplies | ebay

    titanium bar stock in Business and Industrial Supplies | eBay

    Find titanium bar stock and titanium round bar from a vast selection of Business and Industrial titanium bar stock Titanium Stock metal Block bar grade 5

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  • industrial titanium bar, industrial titanium bar  - alibaba

    Industrial Titanium Bar, Industrial Titanium Bar - Alibaba

    Industrial Titanium Bar, Shaanxi Industrial Used Titanium Grade 5 Flat bar Manufacturer. Titanium Round Bar Stock | Round Titanium Bar

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  • titanium alloy bar www.titaniumtubebuy.com, www.titaniumtubebuy.com, www.titaniumtubebuy.com, www.titaniumtubebuy.com, www.titaniumtubebuy.com for

    Titanium alloy bar www.titaniumtubebuy.com, www.titaniumtubebuy.com, www.titaniumtubebuy.com, www.titaniumtubebuy.com, www.titaniumtubebuy.com for

    www.titaniumtubebuy.com, www.titaniumtubebuy.com, www.titaniumtubebuy.com for industrial or chemical use; use titanium alloy rods, titanium bar with common bars in stock, such as bars of grade 1,

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  • grade 9 – titanium www.titaniumtubebuy.com - continental steel & tube company

    Grade 9 – Titanium www.titaniumtubebuy.com - Continental Steel & Tube Company

    It has excellent corrosion resistance and is used in Aerospace and Industrial We stock and sell Titanium Grade 9 in Bar Sheet Continental Steel & Tube Company

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  • tms titanium - supplier & stocking distributor of titanium

    TMS Titanium - Supplier & Stocking distributor of Titanium

    TMS Titanium is a supplier and stocking distributor of Titanium Bar Round bar is a very Grade 2 titanium pipe is most commonly used in chemical processing due

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  • 1-16 of 276 results for titanium bar stock - www.titaniumtubebuy.com

    1-16 of 276 results for titanium bar stock - www.titaniumtubebuy.com

    www.titaniumtubebuy.com: titanium bar stock. 38mm Titanium Grade 5 Round Bar ( www.titaniumtubebuy.com Diameter X 10 Length ) Industrial

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  • titanium grade-5 materials stock, titanium grade  - alibaba

    Titanium Grade-5 Materials Stock, Titanium Grade - Alibaba

    Titanium Grade-5 Materials Stock, Tags: Gr 2 Industrial Titanium Bar | Titanium Alloys For Surgical Implants | Alloy Tungsten Round Rod. View larger image.

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  • rec bar for industrial applications - scrap metal

    Rec Bar for Industrial Applications - Scrap Metal

    Rec Bars for Industrial Applications are produced at Rec Bars for Industrial Applications are produced at Titanium Industries, Inc. along with a Grade 2

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