Titanium Wire

Titanium wire is one of our main products.It is available in varying diameters,from 0.030" to 0.236".Our superior quality,quick delivery and good price will meet your specific requirements and help you to fulfil your needs.Welcome to send your enquiry or your question to us online or by email.We will answer you immediately or within 24 hours.


Main Grades:

  •  AWS A5.16
  •  2007UNS
  •   NumberAMSASTM B 863C





      ERTi-5R56402AMS4956Grade-50.050.12-0.200.0300.0150.22Al 5.5-6.75  V  3.5-4.5

      ERTi-7R52401N/AGrade-70.030.08-0.160.0150.0080.12Pd 0.12-0.25

      ERTi-9R56320N/AGrade-90.030.08-0.160.0220.0080.25Al 2.5-3.5 V  2.0-3.0

      ERTi-12R53401N/AGrade-120.030.08-0.160.0150.0080.15Mo0.2-0.4 Ni 0.6-0.9

      ERTi-23R56408AMS4956Grade-230.030.03-0.110.0120.0050.20Al 5.5-6.5 V 3.5-4.5

Available Diameters, Types and Package Forms:

      Size(mm)Ф0.8 Ф1.0 Ф1.2 Ф1.6 Ф2.0 Ф2.4 Ф3.0Ф3.2 Ф4.0 Ф6.0

      Size (inch) 0.030"0.039"0.047"0.062"0.079"0.094"0.118"0.125"0.156"0.236"

      Straight   √√√√√√√


      Coil   √√√√√√√

Mechanical Properties(min.):

      ASTM GradeUTS ksi(Mpa)0.2YS ksi(Mpa)%EL











 ASTM B863-14

 AWS A5.16

Brief description about some Titanium grades

 Titanium Grade1–4 are unalloyed or CP Titanium while other grades are alloyed or added with

special elements.

 · Grade 1. CP Titanium, lowest strength and high ductility.

 · Grade 2. CP Titanium, most commonly used and the best combination of strength, ductility and weldability.

 · Grade 3. CP Titanium, higher strength.

 · Grade 4. CP Titanium, highest strength unalloyed grade.

 · Grade 5. Most common and widely used alloy Grade. Exceedingly high strength and high heat resistance.

 · Grade 7. Superior corrosion resistance in reducing and oxidizing environments.

 · Grade 9. “ Half”  alloy version of grade 5.Very high strength and corrosion resistance.better ductility, formability, and weldability.

 · Grade 12. Better heat resistance than CP Titanium. Applications same as Grade 7.

 · Grade 23. Titanium-6 Aluminum-4 Vanadium ELI (Extra Low Interstitial)Alloy,it is often used in surgical implant applications, high strength industrial applications or as marine and offshore energy production components.

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